Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time to Meet Me

Well I decided that in the first post i should probably introduce myself.  My name is Christina, and  I am a college student studying psychology and biology.  After college, I plan to attend grad school to get my doctorate of physical therapy.
And now on to the interesting stuff...
I am obsessed with all things beauty: makeup, nail polish, scents, hair care...
Yes, as i'm sure you guessed, lipgloss is my ultimate love. It does not take much skill to apply and comes in so many gorgeous colors.
I will start the blog off with a list of my top 10 favorite products of January. Let me know if there is something you would like me to review and I will put it on my to do list.

1. Chanel glossimer in spark. I am in love with this lipgloss. If marrying a lipgloss were legal...well ok i wouldn't really marry a lipgloss but you get the point. It is a gorgeous raspberry color with goldish sparkle.  I am actually about to use up a tube of it, which is unheard of with the amount of lip products i own.
2. Stila convertible color in peony.  This is super blendable, a gorgeous nude that goes with everything.  If i have no idea what blush to wear(which happens quite often since I am terrible at figuring out what colors go together), I just pop on some peony and it always works.
3. Diorskin nude concealer in 002.  I have several psoriasis spots on my face which many concealers make look all flaky and dry, but not this one.  It blends in well and moisturizes.  I also like it alot for my undereye area.
4. Laura Mercier kohl liner in brown copper. Really pretty, well, coppery brown shade that highlights my blue/gray/greenish eyes nicely.  It stays put and doesn't smudge.
5. Giorgio armani eyes to kill mascara in black.  Holy eyelashes batman!!! It manages to lengthen and thicken AND separate.  Hands down the most amazing mascara I have ever tried.  The price tag makes me cringe a little ($28 USD), but i will most likely stomach it because its results are amazing.
6. Idole d'armani perfume. I got this sample with my armani FF order and definitely plan to purchase it as soon as I come into some moolah.  Its a very sophisticated oriental which is strange since usually I turn my nose up to oriental fragrances.
7. Too faced snow bunny bronzer. This isnt really a bronzer on my skin.  I use it as a blush to give me a nice glow.
8. Benefit creaseless cream in recess.  I got this in the $10 deal from sephora and am so glad I did.  It is a perfect mlbb shade. I use it as a base before applying my eyeshadow and there is no creasing.
9. Aveda phomollient.  I just scrunch this stuff into my hair when its wet and it dries full of body and devoid of frizz.  Sometimes (and yes this is really rare) I will straiten my hair and this holds it nicely. Usually my hair will start to get icky and wavy in just a couple hours but not with phomollient.
10. Poshe fast dry topcoat.  I really love that this is big 3 free, especially since I am suspicious that formaldehyde may be making my nails peel.  It really does dry super fast, which is nice for me since my attention span lasts about 3 seconds (its amazing i could sit still long enough to write out this whole post).

I will leave you with a picture, since that was a heck of alot of text. Next time I will take pictures of whatever it is I am writing about.

This is my rat terrier Halo. I miss her since she has to stay home with my parents.  

Disclaimer: I bought all of this with my own money...woo