Monday, May 3, 2010

 I am in love with lip products. I guess you can say this love started when I was little, with my quite sizable collection of lip smackers that I carried around in a mini pink traincase.  I even loved limited edition things then.  My favorites were the christmas ones.  Sadly, those are all gone now.  Lipsmackers make my lips sting these days. Sad. 

My most recent lip purchase was Chanel's LE rouge allure in Genial.  Genial is part of the summer collection and was featured on the runways.  I have definitely fallen in love. The packaging is genius!  The tube is hidden until you press on the gold chanel emblem which causes the tube to pop out.  I even showed the boyfriend who asked if he could see if it would shoot across the room.  Of course, I scowled at him and clutched my lipstick tighter. 

This is the bottom, I suppose.  The lipstick tube comes out the other side though.  Very peculiar.  Anyways, I am completely enamored with the color.  It is a gorgeous bright, pinky coral.

It is super bright and vibrant when applied straight from the bullet but can be sheered down to an almost Popsicle like stain.  The formula is nice but not the best.  It leaves my lips a little dry if I don't apply balm underneath. 

There are no shimmers, at least not that I can tell.  This is definitely going to be a summer staple for me.  In fact, I love it so much that I was considering buying a backup.  Then, I remembered that I was a beauty addict and there would be other things out there next summer for me to try. 

This lipstick retails for $30 usd.  I bought it with a giftcard from Nordstrom.  If you are considering it, be sure to snatch it up quick as this baby is Limited edition and will be gone forever when stock runs out.  Well, there will probably be some on ebay for a ridiculous amount.  Got to love scalpers.