Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haus of Gloi Yuletide

I am throwing up a quick review of the two Haus of Gloi yuletide items I ordered.  I also ordered some products in the regular line as well, but I will review those more thoroughly later. 

From the Yuletide line, I got 2 pumpkin butters, Hearth and Snow Wolf.  To be completely honest, on initial smell, I disliked both.  Snow wolf is very gourmand with a spicy note to it. (I am inserting a little caveat here that I am awful at describing scents but I will try).  However, I put it on because I have heard that the Haus of Gloi scents tend to change a bit when put on the skin.  I swiped some on the back of my hand and, after a little while, I decided that I quite like it.  It is still quite gourmand but it is more sugary, like frosting. 

The second scent I got was Hearth.  This was the one I thought I would love.  In the container, it is warm and somewhat spicy, very much a winter scent.  However, when I put it on my skin, it became mostly just spicy.  Not a bad scent, just not something I would normally wear.

Haus of Gloi describes Snow Wolf as having fir, frankincense, vanilla bean husk and blood cedar.  On my skin, I think the vanilla bean is mostly prevalent.  Hearth is described as having apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, fire roasted chestnuts, cracked black pepper, and sticky benzoin.  I have never smelled fire roasted chestnuts, but I think that is probably the note that comes out most strongly on me. 

The Yuletide scents will be taken off of the Haus of Gloi site on January 5th, so if you are interested in any of those scents, snap them up while you can.