Friday, December 23, 2011

Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme

Ah yes, another cream shadow.  This one is Estee Lauder's 'Double Wear' Stay-in-Place Shadowcream.  Its a shadow that comes in a clear pot with a gold screw on lid.  The texture is nice and smooth.  I can get good pigmentation with just one swipe. 
The color is a warm golden brown, almost bronzey.  It's highly shimmery but not too much for every day.  Cool toned girls beware, it is a very warm color.  I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who isn't warm toned. 

I find the wear time to be great.  I can get all day wear with no creasing, which is great since I usually get creasing right away with many of my cream shadows. 

Verdict:  At $17.50, I would definitely recommend picking at least one color up, maybe not this one unless you are quite warm.  I have my sights on mochachino.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask, Because I Like to Scare My Roommates

Earlier today I was sitting around, studying for finals, looking like this...

Sorry, I'm not sure I gave proper warning before that one.  That is my Chantecaille Detox Clay mask, and I love it.  I love it so much I am sharing how much I love it by posting a picture of myself looking utterly ridiculous for all the web to see.

The texture is whipped and mousse like.  Its a dream to apply and blend into an even layer.  The color is a bluish dark gray.  My boyfriend compared the color to a definitely blue piece of clothing, but he isn't the best at identifying color.

This mask is a detoxifying and purifying mask.  I find it helps to lessen the amount of breakouts I experience while also calming the redness I experience due to extremely sensitive skin.  It doesn't dry hard like most detoxifying masks, which is nice since that is the feature that usually irritates my skin.  It claims firming properties, but I am not really qualified to assess that.

Overall, I never want to be without this mask.  However, some might not agree as it retails for $78.  If you don't have sensitive skin, you might not need it.  If you do, you should definitely try it.

Disclaimer: Skincare is very personal.  What works for me might now work for you.  I just want to let you know my experiences. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric in 2 Creates the Perfect Flush

Hello all!  I'm back with a little review for you.  Today I bring you Giorgio Armani's blushing fabric in shade 2 (note to Mr. Armani, please give your makeup shade names...numbers are so hard to remember!).  It comes in a squeeze tube with a small opening which helps easily control the amount you dispense.
The texture is very silicony.  It is very easy to blend because of that and you only need a small amount to get the right amount of color.  For those with darker complexions, you can easily build this up.  The lasting power isn't the best, probably 4 hours.  However, you need such a small amount to get the right amount of color, you could apply this more than once per day and I bet the tube would still last quite a few months. 

The color, oh my goodness, is a gorgeous bright pink with no visible shimmer. 
Applied to my skin, it imparts the most gorgeous flush.  I get that really nice just in from the color color.  Not that I remember what cold is like, living in San Diego and all (HA). 
Just one more swatch so you can see it in cool light.  Amazing, right? 

These retails for $38 and all colors can be found at  I purchased mine off of ebay.