Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Bits of Pretty

Today I'm just going to post some pictures.  Feel free to ask about anything you see.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is natural?

My mother, who went through chemo several years ago, has recently become obsessed with only using natural products.  As I know just a bit more than her in the world of beauty, I have begun questioning, what really is natural?  I have heard that labels such as natural and organic are not regulated by the FDA.  If it is ok to slap such a label on any old product, how are we, the consumers, to know what is natural and what isn't.
I have recently gotten very much into the Chantecaille brand as a whole.  I love pretty much everything I have tried from them.  They boast an all natural and botanical line, which I mostly believe from looking at the ingredients and learning about the creators of the brand.
What do you think?  Do you mostly believe the brands that boast "all natural"?   Do you wear natural makeup and skincare?  What are your favorite brands?

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Sunday Stuff You Can't Have

Sorry for the blurry pictures today.  I just couldn't get my camera to focus.  The product I'm featuring is Laura Mercier's face tint in Filtered Brown.  I believe the face tints have been discontinued for about a year now.  I actually got this baby as an extra in a swap.  It is an interesting color, sort of brick-ish.

However, I did end up swapping this away.  I just really despise powder products.  Well, ok, I don't despise them.  I am just wayy too much of a klutz to own them.  They end up all over the place or dropped.  And we all know that never ends well. 
Strawberrynet does still have filtered brown face tint.  They also carry apricot, which I have heard is lovely.  Ebay probably has them pop up periodically too. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With all the sales that are occuring for black friday and cyber monday (for a list of sales check out and, what are you planning to buy?

I am considering taking part in Armani's friends and family sale as well as Shu Uemura's friends and family sale.  Both are for a 20% off discount.  Armani is having a special deal for a 6 piece gift with purchase if you wait until monday and spend $125. 

What am I buying?

From Armani:
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This set includes Rouge d'Armani lipsticks in shades 102, 501, and 400. 

image from same source as above.

This is the new eyes to kill shadow in shade 15 which is a nice metallic bronze.

I will probably also pick up at least 1 Eyes to kill mascara in black. I have reviewed it before and it is still HG status for me. 

From Shu, I am considering the nubara stick foundation.  I also really love the antioxidant cleansing oil, but I asked for that for christmas.  I passed along the info for the ff sale to my mom so hopefully she takes advantage of it too.  

Will you be taking part in these sales or any others? What are you going to get?