Monday, June 21, 2010

Chanel Joues Contraste in Fresque

This was the first Joues Contraste(JC) blush I purchase.  I do not know why I was so late to jump on the band wagon.  I know own and love 4 of these babies.  Fresque was another Chanel item recommended for my by John Fussell. 

 It is housed in the typical Chanel piano black packaging.  The blush itself is a cute little dome.  However, it houses more product than it looks like it does.  Word on the street says that its insanely difficult to use one of these babies up. 

I would describe the color as a nudey apricot.  The formula is nice and glowy.  However, be wary.  This color is pretty darn light.  I'm about NC20 and it shows up just barely on me.  I like it for something nice and light to pair with a smokey eye.  I do believe the darker ladies may be able to make use of this too as a complexion brightener.  It definitely brightens up my face.

This is a pretty heavy swatch.  I basically swiped my finger on it and then swiped it on my arm, several times...  And it still barely shows up. 

Do you love JCs?  If so, which is your favorite? 

Disclaimer: I purchased this at Nordstroms.