Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chanel Long Lasting Eye Liner in Marine

I have been in dire need of a navy eye liner.  I had the Jane navy cream liner, but that thing dried out so quickly.  Plus, I'm just not that into cream liners.  I think the look is a little much for me most days.  One of my recent trips to Saks, I decided to pick this guy up.  I have been hearing the praises of how beautiful marine is for a while, and they don't lie.  It is a beautiful navy blue shimmery liner.
And now to the bad stuff.  This was not creamy enough for me.  I like really creamy liners.  My favorites are the Laura Mercier's kohl liners.  I found that this one kind of tugged at my lashline as I tried to apply it.  It did stay pretty well though, so I suppose that it does live up to its name. 

Will I repurchase this, no.  It is really pretty though.  If you dont mind a harder liner, I would definitely recommend it.