Friday, January 14, 2011

Travel Sized Beauty

I am getting ready to travel back to my parents house (again, I know) this weekend to say goodbye to my dear friend who is moving to Ireland.  I was thinking about everything that will be checked versus everything I will carry on, and I got to thinking.  I will never be able to get away with not checking a bag. 

First of all, I am on a lot of prescription products for my acne and psoriasis, but those aren't the problem.  Dermatologists are usually more than happy to give you sample sizes of those for travel purposes.  My issue is my other skincare and makeup items. 

Absolutely none of my Chantecaille products come in sizes that are travel friendly, and we all know how much Chantecaille I use.  Maybe (in my dreams I know) Chantecaille will see this post and make a travel sized vital essence!! I can always stick some future skin in a sample pot, so that isn't the issue.

Apart from use in actual travel, travel sized items are a really nice way to try a product that you are unfamiliar with.  They are also perfect for keeping in your handbag as us beauty junkies tend to attempt to stuff our purses with way to many cosmetic items.  I love mini sized lip glosses and such for just this purpose.  I know Chantecaille did a small sized powder in a collection a couple winters ago, but I wasn't into the brand at that time and missed out on it. 

Are their any companies you wish made small sizes or any products you wish came in travel sized?

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