Monday, August 1, 2011

Chantecaille Makeover Courtesy of the Lovely Cari of Neiman Marcus

Last Friday, I ran to Neiman Marcus after work in hopes of meeting Chantecaille's global artist, Fernando Cadavid.  Unfortunately, Fernando left before I got there, so Cari said she would do my makeup.  Cari always does a lovely job.

Here is the finished product.

I'm going to have to apologize here because I didn't write down everything that was used and I forgot some of the items (sorry Cari!!).

Future Skin in cream
Total Concealer in vanilla
Compact Makeup in Bamboo

Cheek shade in Emotion
Highlight cheeks using Rose Quartz shadow

Eyes: (This is where I don't remember much)
Faux cils Mascara in Viola
Eyebrows filled in with Granite eyeshadow (a strange choice but it worked really well)
Smoky Topaz to smoke outer corner and along lower lash line
Basalt on lid
Jasper in crease and along lower lash line

Hydra chic in Aster

And now a few more pictures, which are not the best quality because it was night time

Cari Lester can be found at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley.  Call 619-692-9100 x2105 for appointments, or you could try just dropping by (it's better to make appointments to make sure there is time for a makeover).