Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Honor of Sephora Friends and Family Sale...

In honor of the upcoming Sephora Friends and Family sale, which recent information suggests starts on October 20th, I decided to post picture of some items I swatched at Sephora. 

First up is Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Cheek and Lip Balm
This is a balm that customizes its color to your skin, much like the Dior lip balm.  On my hand,  it turned a pretty bright pink.  I found this to be very balmy so I wouldn't personally use it on my cheeks.  However, it would be very nice for people with dry skin as it will give a nice glow as well.  I do think this would be nice on the lips though.  This retails for $30 and can be purchased here.

L-R: Tinted Brow gel blonde, caramel, brunette, espresso and granite, Highlighting duo Aspen and St. Tropez, and Cooling eye brightener
This arm shows several Anastasia products.  The tinted brow gels were nice and pigmented but were also shimmery.  I think it would be nice for ease of use but I am unsure how much the shimmer translates to the brow.  These retail for $21 and can be purchased here. 

The Highlighting Creme duos contain a cream blush and a gel texture highlighter.  I must admit, the cream blushes were not particularly pigmented but the formula was nice and smooth.  The highlighters on the other hand were very pigmented and a great cooling gel feel.  It has a spatula applicator.  These retail for $26 and can be purchased here. 

The last item is the Cooling Eye Brightener.  This is meant for the undereyes to brighten up any darkness, such as a product like Touche Eclat by YSL would do.  This comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator.  I honestly think this would only work for those with just the faintest darkness.  For the rest of us who appear more sleep deprived, additional concealer will probably be necessary.  This retails for $21 and can be purchased here

The last product for the day is Pacifica Coconut Pearls Luminizing Lip Quench.

This is essentially a coconut scented balm with a pearly finish (yes, I am aware that is not particularly suited for this season, I like to write my own rules).  I find it has a kind of pink pearly effect on my lips and it very nice and moisturizing.  The scent isn't too plasticy, just a nice coconut.  Pacifica now has some other colors that are worth checking out as well.  These retail for a very economical $9 and can be found here

There you have it, some ideas for the upcoming Sephora Friends and Family sale.  In previous years it has been a code for %20 off and I'm hoping for the same this year.  I like to pick up holiday sets and some of my staples during the sale, and already have my eye on some nice Tarte sets. 

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.