Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Glaze

Happy Thursday all.  I am currently suffering from a lack of sleep due to pet sitting a boisterous doggy who is currently under the delusion that he is the boss (but not for long *evil glare in dog's direction).  This just means todays post is going to be a quick one

Here we have Chantecaille Brilliant gloss in Glaze.
Glaze is a beautiful, sheer, shimmery red gloss.  Its nice and hydrating but not too sticky (I'm looking at you here MAC), I feel my lips are in a better state after wearing it.  The applicator is a brush type, which isn't always my favorite, but Chantecaille does the brush well.  It doesn't splay and it deposits the color right where I want it.  Wear time is pretty average for lipgloss, I would compare it to the wear time of Chanel glossimers. 

Its a bit pricey at $28 but fully worth it for this color.  Because I didn't remember to photograph the tube (silly me), it is rather large and cylindrical with a silver cap, not particularly pocket friendly but should fit in a clutch purse fine. 

What is your favorite lipgloss?