Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani Hot 523

Yes, I have finally indulged in a Rouge D'Armani lipstick.  523 is part of the limited edition Hot collection for Summer 2011 which can still be found at many Armani counters as well as online.  It featured various shades of pink from fuscia to orangey pink.  I picked the more muted (for this collection) 523 which happens to be almost a hot pink shade.  The lipsticks in this collection are a bit less pigmented and are more balmy in texture than the original Rouge d'Armani's, but don't worry, 523 and the others still pack quite a punch.

Left is one swipe of the lipstick and right is 3 swipes.  You can see how it can easily be built up.  This is definitely a cool toned shade so warm girls (and guys) beware.  I found wear time to be around 4 hours but a bit of a stain remains.  These are housed in the traditional sleek black packaging with the magnetic closure typical of the Rouge d'Armanis.
For those familiar with the tradition RDAs, which shade should I pick up next?

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