Monday, September 19, 2011

My Pokemon Products, A Hilariously Misnamed Post

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No, this post will not be discussing all the pokemon memorabilia.  For the record, I did own the yellow version for my Gameboy color, both of which I have now gifted to my little brother.  What this post will be discussing is the products I want to own every color of, many of my holy grail products.  However, not all of my HG products have many colors that I would use, but there are a few.  Of those, I "gotta catch em all!"

1. Laura Mercier eye Kohls

This one is brown copper, and it is my favorite.  Most are very soft, blackened colors.  The pencils glide on like a dream and never skip.  They also stay put all day on my oily lids!

2. Chantecaille Lip Chics

This are super squishy and comfortable on my dry lips.  They feel like a thick balm and impart sheer to medium pigmentation.

3. Chantecaille Hydra Chics

Comfy and feels like absolutely nothing is on my lips.  These pack a major pigment punch but more naturally than the YSL rouge volupte.

4. Giorgio Armani Blushes

Gorgeous, finely milled, light but buildable pigmentation and glowy.  These are effortless and the pans are HUGE!

5. Giorgio Armani Gloss d'Armani

Ok, so I only have shade 505 right now, but it is perfect.  Not sticky, gorgeous color and shine.  Leaves a stain on my lips that lasts ages.  Plus, the longevity to unmatched in my lipgloss stash.

6. Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme

Well my blog is Lovesong for my Lipgloss for a reason.  I love gloss and these are perfect.  Very pigmented for a gloss, creamy color, shine and decent longevity.  The colors are also pretty unique and good for layering.

7. Becca Beach Tint

I'm a cream blush junkie.  These are easy to blend, super travel friendly and last for days.

Well, I have alot of holy grail products.  These aren't even all of them.  These are just the ones that I think have an entirely amazing set of colors attached.

In other news, since I had so much fun hosting my first giveaway, I have decided that I want to do another one when I reach 100 followers!  Therefore, if you are a reader but don't follow (on GFC, this is what I will be going off of), then please do so we can get the giveaway going.  Also, if I reach 100 followers before my birthday on October 24, I will have 2 giveaways: one for 100followers and one for my birthday :)