Tuesday, January 10, 2012

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Blonde Opal

I bought the By Terry Ombre Blackstar ($42.50) on the recommendation of The Black Panties.  When I was in Seattle during the summer, I happened upon a Barneys and decided to pick one of these up.  I chose shade 3, Blonde Opal.  This is a cream eyeshadow stick with a twist up mechanism.  You can apply straight from the tube and blend with fingers or a brush. 

The packaging is pure luxury, a shiny gold tube.  The cap opens to reveal a gorgeous shimmery cream colored cream shadow (ha).

It definitely has gold undertones.  I'm not sure if this would work for people who are extremely cool toned.  It is extremely creamy and easy to blend.  And now we get to the not so good part.  Unfortunately, this did not stand up to my oily lids.  I did experience some creasing.  However, the Panties says she does not experience any creasing so YMMV.  I still love it as a brow and inner corner highlight as well as a base.
Overall, if you have dry lids, I would definitely check this out.  Also, if you are a cream lover, as I am, you might want to check it out.