Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Perfume Lust

Here is It's a Small World, dressed up for the holidays.  It was literally an event when the lights came on at night.  If you haven't been to Disneyland for the holidays, I would recommend it.

And on to the post.  I have been sniffing various perfumes lately.  I am not a fragonerd by any means.  In fact, I'm just now struggling to pick out different notes in perfumes.  However, I have found some gorgeous perfumes in my journey.  I thought I would do a little post for you on what I have been liking.

1. Serge Lutens Bois Oriental-  Sadly, this is a Paris exclusive meaning you can only purchase at the Lutens boutique there.  However, I have been able to purchase decants from the Perfumed Court.  This is the only scent my boyfriend has ever genuinely liked (so far).  I smell it and I smile.  Its gourmand and a bit spicy.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I wish I could go to Paris.

2. Frederic Malle Une Rose-  It smells like walking through an actual rose garden, outside, in the dirt.  Unfortunately, a bottle of this is crazy expensive (sad face).

3. By Killian Love and Tears- I realized a loved jasmine with Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair serum.  This is a gorgeous Jasmine soliflore.  Another crazy expensive one.  However, they offer a solid perfume, which is cheaper, and I may cave on.

4. Annick Goutal Rose Splendide- This is a kind of tart rose fragrance.  I like this alot for spring and summer.

5. L'Artisan La Haie Fleurie-  Another white floral.  Gorgeous blend.  My sample spilled in my makeup bag, which consequently smelled amazing.  My only qualm is that L'artisan scents don't last very long on me.

6. DSH Cimabue- Yummy spicy gourmand. Saffran and vanilla is what I smell.  This is a lovely fall scent.  It makes me want to try others from DSH. 

Well, I hope you liked my post.  What are some of your favorite scents?  Anything I should try?