Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bored Poll

Sorry I have been away so long.  I decided that I would just wait until I go back home in a week and a half to get my camera instead of making my parents ship it.  I just prefer to do post with my own pictures because, frankly, I prefer to read blogs who use their own pictures.
This is the Hotel Del Coronado.  I haven't been out to Coronado in forever, and now that the weather is getting nicer I really want to take a trip out there.  The beach is just gorgeous and downtown is really fun for just strolling around. 

On to the poll.

1. Lippie of the day: clinique black honey.  I really like this color with my skintone, but sadly, it is just a little too drying for my liking.  I am trying to use it up and am currently looking for a color replacement.

2. Skincare item you are currently loving: I am in love with with cetaphil moisturizing lotion.  I made the switch from the cream recently since my skin doesn't need as much moisture at this time of year.  My skin tends to be pretty sensitive and this doesn't bother it at all.

3. Favorite TV show:  Mine is definitely the original NCIS.  I love all the characters and how they interact.  I watched the NCIS:LA version once and it was just far inferior to the original.  I thought the characters were too similar to each other.  I couldn't connect with any of them at all. I have actually spent most of today watching an NCIS marathon and doing homework. 

4. Favorite nail polish color for spring:  I am wearing China Glaze For Audrey and I am really liking it.  The China Glaze formula is just excellent and this robins egg blue cream is just the perfect spring pastel.

5. Favorite drink:  I have been all about green tea lately.  I am trying to drink some variety of it everyday since it is so good for me.  Teavana has some awesome green teas and it is just a really fun place to check out. 

Fill it out this poll in the comments section if you would like.  I would love to hear everyone elses answers.