Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everyday Minerals

My camera is still home. I promise lots and lots of pretty pictures once I finally get it back.  It is getting nice here, so I can take some pretty spring pictures.  Yay! 

Quite some time ago I got the set of free foundation samples from Everyday Minerals.  It included 3 foundation samples, a concealer sample, and a blush sample.  I understand that they no longer have this available, but the samples are still pretty cheap.  I have only gotten around to testing one of the foundations and the concealer.  I am just really not a big fan of loose powder products.  I am far to klutzy for these to ever really work for me.  The EDM samples are mini sifter jars which helps to minimize the mess. 
The shade I have been testing is Multi-tasking Neutral.  The color is an absolute perfect match for me, probably another reason I havent tested any of the other colors.  It blends in well.  The texture is fine and my sensitive skin didn't react to it at all.  My only qualms with this is that there appeared to be no coverage.  I tried layering and still nothing.  I thought foundation was supposed to at least give some coverage.  Good thing the concealer was awesome and helped it out, but seriously, why would I buy a foundation that doesn't even even out my skin? For reference, I used this with the bare minerals face brush. 

Verdict: I guess this foundation would be good if you wanted something that doesn't offer any coverage...

Concealer review to come.

Disclaimer: I got these as a free sample from the company.  I paid the shipping.