Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Mall Musings

The other day I met my friend at the mall for lunch.  I highly recommend the mixed berries and chicken salad from Nordstrom Cafe, sooooo good!  I pretty much ate the whole thing and I've never really been much of a salad person.  After my friend left, I decided to go snooping around all the makeup counters and such. 
This is not the only swatching I did.  This hand was makeup removed probably three times.  That outrageous pink on the bottom is Dior's lip glow.  It is a chapstick type thing that adjusts its pink color as it reacts with your skin.  Now, I had heard from some others that it turned quite a bright pink, so of course, I had to try it out for myself.  Holy guacamole!! This picture doesn't even show how bright it really was because I took it with my cell phone.  The texture was really nice and the finish was really shiny, so although I do not think that it is necessarily for me, I do think it is something to try out. 

The swatches above lip glow are me trying to color match Clinique's black honey lipstick.  I quite like the color, but I find the formula pretty drying.  The top right is Laura Mercier's Cranberry stickgloss.  This one was really pretty but too bright and red.  The bottom right is Laura Merier's Black orchid stickgloss.  This one was really nice but too purple.  The swatch on the left is black honey.  As you can see, it is brownish red.  Neither color matched it very well at all.  If you want a nice review of the stickglosses, here is one from strawberry mochi