Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chanel Glossimer in Spark

I am such a sucker with anything shot through with gold.  If it has gold shimmer, chances are I will be smitten at first swatch.  Spark is no different.  It is a beautiful raspberry color with lots of gold shimmer.  I am a lover of anything Chanel, but glossimers really are top notch glosses.  They are not too sticky, just enough to last a little while on the lips.  I do not expect lipglosses to last super long, so I do not judge them too harshly in that category.  Spark was my very first glossimer, and with it, began a sure to be lifelong love affair.  The color suits me whether I am tanned in the summer or pale in the winter.  It manages to warm up my face and make me look very alive.

I have instilled upon it the much coveted title of Holy Grail (HG) item.  In fact, this is my second tube, which is saying alot for a lipgloss fanatic such as myself.  It pairs perfectly with my Nars Christina lipstick (and yes, I did buy it because it bears the same name as myself).

I was unable to get a swatch photo that was color accurate, so, since I did not want to post an inaccurate photo, I just left it out.  I do believe Lina of The Beauty Look Book has a pretty good swatch if you would like to pop over there and take a look. 

I think Spark would work for all but the very cool in tone.  It works nicely with a subtle smoked eye for nighttime or a toned down face during the day.  

Disclaimer:  I bought this lipgloss with my own money.