Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chanel Single Shadows in Khaki and Sillage

I am feeling highly uninspired today so this is going to be a pretty short post.  I own 2 Chanel single shadows, khaki and sillage.  Both have been acquired within the last year and both are excellent colors.

The shadow above is sillage.  It is a pretty champagne with pink undertones.  It is similar to stila's kitten but much less frosty.  I may update this with comparison pictures later in the week. 

The pan is pretty small.  There are many other brands whose eyeshadows are much larger than this one.  Chanel's singles, at $30, are probably one of the most expensive shadows on the market for the size.  However, I never use up powder products so I'm ok with this.

Next up is khaki.
Khaki is a shimmery green brown shade, very similar to camo green. 
I love this color. I think it will be a staple in my fall makeup wardrobe.

Disclaimer:  both of these products were purchased by me.