Thursday, August 12, 2010

Makeup Blog Sale!!

Yep, it's time for my first blog sale.  Prices include shipping and dc.  I only accept paypal and US only. (sorry international peeps.  I may open it up to international a little later on though)  Minimum of $10 per sale.  First come first serve.  Reserve through the comments or by contacting me at

Happy Shopping!


Sue Devitt Naughty Palette $6

Cargo Wet/Dry Eyelining Palette $8

Goldie eye tricks in Dainty coco nut $6
Pout Eyeslick in Mare $5

Murad Hydrating Gel Mask $5
Givenchy Mister Mat (80%) $10

By Terry Black Licorice $10

Not Pictured:
Chanel Bleu Celestes Quadra (80%) $25
Warren Tricomi Leave- in Conditioner (80%left) $5
Warren Tricomi Post Blow-drying Finishing Cream (80%) $5
Guerlain mini Mythic meteorites (70%) $8
Mac Haunting fluidline (80%) $10
Mac Delphic fluidline (75%) $8
Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Facial Masque (90%) $10
Ralph by Ralph Lauren fragrance (50%) $10
Shiseido Hydropowder eyeshadow in Violet visions (90%) $8
Stila Moss (3x) $8
Stila Borealis Duo (5x) $8
Tria Blue Light Acne Clarifying System (includes blue light mechanism, charger, cartridge with 242 mins, and treatment serum. I still have the original box and booklet as well) $100
Urban Decay Champagne Body Powder (90%) $8
Victorias Secret Isle of Pink EDP (3x) $10

I have a bunch of nail polish too and I will post them soon!