Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Stuff You Can't Have

Giorgio Armani Cream Blush in 2 and 7

First, I would like to say Happy Father's day to all the fathers (ok I'm sure there aren't really any fathers reading this blog but o well). 

I haven't hid it much that I am a sucker for cream blushes.  I just find that they look more natural than powder blushes and I just love how glowy my cheeks look when I use them.  The Armani blushes have the most unique texture I have ever worked with.  They are not creamy by any means, but I don't think that makes them hard to apply.  They feel dry to the touch, but it is easy to pick up pigment.  For the record, I use my fingers.  I find them really easy to spread on my cheeks and they dry to a kind of powder finish.  I find they last pretty well and are not at all sticky (which I loathe).

In this picture, 7 is on the left and 2 is on the right.  7 is a warmish light bronze shade with shimmer.  It creates the perfect bronzey cheek and is nice with a heavier eye or lip.  2 is a berry color with shimmer and is highly pigmented.  It creates a nice flush colored cheek or a "pop of color" (I know many of you hate that phrase, sorry!). 

I haven't had much of a chance to play with Armani's blending blush duos, which is what replaced these single colors, so I can't comment on how similar they are or if there are comparable shades in those duos. 

And the question of Sunday is...

What is your favorite dessert?