Monday, September 12, 2011

Deep Skincare, and Why You Need to Know What That Means

Image from Deep Skincare

A few months ago, I was offered the opportunity to trial a newer skincare brand, Deep Skincare.  Deep skincare was developed by Dr. Douglas Hamilton, a dermatologist from Beverly Hills.  The premise of Deep skincare is to induce products to reach lower levels of the dermis in order to act on more than just the top layer of the skin.  According to Deep, this is where collagen is produced an when long lasting effects can be enacted.  This is done through Deep's unique product, the Delivery Enhancer.

The Delivery Enhancer is a powder that turns to a lotion when mixed in your palm.  You apply it after cleansing but before treatment products, such as the Deep Cell Activate.  It is formulated to help products applied after it to absorb in to deeper levels of the skin.

My opinion:  I am skeptical of the whole powder turning to lotion claim.  I did notice it turned creamier, but I found it very difficult to spread on my combination skin.  I also found it left a matte finish, so I am not sure this product would be ideal for those with dry skin.  I was sent a very small amount so it could have been that I was just not using enough to get it to fully turn into a lotion.  While I think the claims are definitely interesting and something I would love to explore further, my sample was just not enough to formulate definitive opinions.  This product is $145 for 22gms.

The second product I was provided for testing was the Deep Cell Activate.  This is a treatment cream meant to be applied after the Delivery Enhancer.  It is full of anti-oxidants and ceramides which help keep skin looking youthful.

My opinion:  I really loved this product.  It feels like a rich cream but wasn't too much for my combination skin.  Also, as you may or may not know, I am insanely acne prone.  I did not experience any adverse reaction to this product.  In fact, I actually noticed less breakouts when I was using it.  I also noticed that my scarring seemed to diminish while using this cream (yay!!).  I think this would be ideal for normal to combination skins.  I do not think it would be moisturizing enough for very dry skins.  I also cannot comment on the anti-aging benefits of this cream as I am only 21 and do not yet suffer from fine lines or wrinkles (thank you to my grandma for teaching me proper skincare very young).  This product is $95 for 30mls.

Deep skincare offers quite a few other products.  You can get more information from their website.   I think this is definitely something to check out!

Another note, both products are Peta certified cruelty-free!

all images from Deep Skincares own website