Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA And Some Blog News

First of all, as today is the SOPA/PIPA internet blackout (I can't do an internet blackout...I'm weak), I thought I would tell you to go visit to tell Congress that you are not for this internet censorship act.  If you want more information, you can find it from the above site.  Trust me, it's worth your time.  At least sign it if you like me and want my blog to stay up (since I will be most likely removing it if it passes). 

And on to some happier blog news.  I am going through a major cleanout.  I have moved back home (to a smaller room...ugh) so I need to clear out.  Therefore, expect a giveaway and a blog sale or two in the near future.  I am currently busy starting classes and trying to find a job.  Hopefully, the job search will be ending soon, and I can get the giveaway and blog sale underway.  I do have an interview in cosmetics coming up so wish me luck!!