Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ciao Becca!

I don't know if you heard but is/was(not sure what is left) having a sale on various makeup brands including Becca and Paul and Joe.  I have always heard such good things about Becca so I decided to place a small order.  My initial order included the pressed shimmer powder in princess, cheek and lip stain in watermelon, something I had been wanting for a while, and calypso bronzer.  I got an order confirmation email and then 2 days later received 2 emails saying that both princess and watermelon were out of stock.  They offered $10 off coupons but i was still quite upset.  Why would you send me a confirmation email if the items are oos??  Well anyways, I preceeded to use up the coupons buy making 2 orders, doeskin demi matte eyeshadow and chinchilla demi matte eyeshadow.
Here are the boxes they came in.  I dont have pictures of chinchilla yet because i just got it. Pictures will be coming soon.

This is Calypso bronzer.  It is quite dark with subtle shimmer which I like alot.  I am acne prone and excessive shimmer just highlights whatever breakouts I have at that moment.  The texture is nice and it isnt muddy or orange on me.  However, I do think it is a little bit dark for me as my skin tone stands right now.  I am pretty pale from winter but I imagine that it will work well for me in the summer as my skin color changes quite a bit with the seasons. 

This little puff came with the bronzer.  I think its rather useless.  I certainly do not apply bronzer with a puff.  I prefer a larger fluffy brush. 

This is demi matte eyeshadow in doeskin.  Its a nice nudish beige color.  It has subtle shimmer but its definitely not overpowering.  I would recommend this in conjunction with a frosty shadow to tone it down or on its own with brown liner for a job interview.  
Disclaimer: I bought all this with my own money