Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dior HydrAction Skin Tint spf 20

I have always been a tinted moisturizer girl.  I have had acne for pretty much the entire time I have been wearing makeup, but I have never been from the mindset that thinks that a person should cake on makeup simply in the name of coverage.  I think a girl should let her natural skin show through a bit.  When I ran out of my last tube of Aveda tinted moisturizer, which a found a bit too thick, I decided to try something new...since thats what i'm all about.  "OOO, new shiney makeup thingy!"  Enter Dior HydrAction Skin Tint.  I bought this in January, so the sales associate happened to convince me to buy the lightest shade, Porcelain.
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Now, being that my skin changes about 2 shades between summer and winter, this shade actually matched me.  However, I prefer my tinted moisturizer to give me a little extra color.  Being a tint, you can go a little darker without pulling orange granted that you blend it down your neck a bit.  
Well, now to get to the point of this little story.  I ended up exchanging this.  Why, you may ask.  It didnt really blend well into my skin.  It went on patchy.  It did give me a nice glow but it just didnt look natural.  I have found a nice foundation recently.  I decided I could just mix that with a little moisturizer to make my own tinted moisturizer.  

This moisturizer also comes in natural, golden, and bronze.  
Maybe one day I will find a tint i like.  Well, I did like chanels but the lightest shade was just too dark for me.  Any recommendations?  

Disclaimer: This product was a gift to me from my mother...well she bought it for me because I needed it :P  It is from Nordstroms