Friday, February 12, 2010

valentines day nails day 4

I took a picture of this mani after it was about 3 days old so there is some tip wear.  Please excuse that. 
I'm not going to take the time to name all the colors used for the hearts.  And for the record, I was trying to make candy heart.  Obviously that didnt work out to well for me there as my art skills are seriously lacking.  Surprisingly, my right hand looked better than my left hand...i'm right handed.  

The base color used for this is Wet N Wild white cream.  I am not very pleased with this.  It was only a dollar so I know I shouldnt expect much.  It was streaky and generally hard to work with.  I had to apply 3 coats to get it to the opacity you see here.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a not streaky white cream? Please share if you do.  
One of these days I will get around to photographing my general nail care routine.  Maybe someday soon.

Disclaimer: I purchased everything shown here...well my mom might have bought the hiliter :P