Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines day nails day 3

This is a mani from last year also.  The base is Misa Hot People Like You.  I absolutely love this polish.  I've worn it about 5 times! Yes, I know that this doesn't sound like very many times to most of you but its quite a bit for someone with over 150 nail polishes.  Man that sounds like a big number...and i just gave away a bunch.  Well anyways, Misa has one of my favorite formulas.  It applies like a dream, so smooth and never streaky.  You cant tell from the picture(which sucks..i'm sorry)  but it is a neon.   Its such a gorgeous hot pink.  The stripe is Zoya Trixie.  I only have 3 Zoyas but i really like the ones I have.  The formula is really nice.  These polishes are Big3free which means they have less chemicals, which I like.  Trixie is a metallic silver.  Its super opaque, you could probably get away with 1 coat!
Well here is another not so great picture for your viewing pleasure.