Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chantecaille Introduces Biwa and St. Barth's

One of my recent trips to Neiman Marcus, the fabulous Carrie introduced my to Chantecaille's newest additions, Compact Soleil in St. Barth's and Poudre de Perle in Biwa.  Compact Soleil is not a new product (I reviewed shade Capri previously) but St. Barth's is a new shade.  Carrie said it is great for complexions who need straight brown bronzer because it does not have any peach or red tones.
St. Barth's is on the left and Biwa is on the right.  I love the Compact Soleil bronzer because it's very easy to work with and blends right into the skin.

Poudre de Perle is in fact a new product.  It is similar in applicator to the Protection Naturelle powder in that the powder is dispensed through a brush.  Biwa is a gorgeous peachy color with golden shimmer.  It is not a color I would describe as particularly pigmented  but is definitely buildable.  I think this color would work best on the paler gals who usually have issues with blushes having too much pigment for their fair skin.
This picture is to show  St. Barth's in comparison to the other Compact Soleil shades.  From left to right it is Capri, Tahiti, St. Barth's and Biwa.  Capri has peachy undertones and Tahiti has some red undertones.  Compact Soleil is $45 and Poudre de Perle is $55.

Have you tried Biwa or St. Barth's?