Monday, July 25, 2011

Niche Brands and Great Customer Service at

No, this is not a payed advertisement.  I am just that happy with my experience ordering from  Beautyhabit is an online site specializing in niche skincare, cosmetics and fragrance brands.  They carry such brands as Nuxe, Paul & Joe Beaute, Diptyque, and Phillip B.  They offer free shipping on orders over $100 and free samples in every order. 

Now, on to what I purchased.

Here's the total of my order.  It included a Weleda body oil sampler (love body oils now by the way.  I will do a separate post on this), Ligne St. Barth Aloe Vera Gel with mint, Ganache for lips Vanilla Mousse lip balm, Paul & Joe duo eye gloss in Fathom, and a set of 6 twist band hair ties. 
I also bought the Paul & Joe blotting papers from the Summer 2011 collection.  These seemed to have been absent from the last photo. 

This lip balm was only $4.  I mostly only bought it to get to $100 for free shipping.  The vanilla smell is nice, not a gross overly synthetic vanilla.  Its not the most moisturizing lip balm ever but it is all natural, which is nice. 
The ingredients list, all things I can pronounce. 

This Paul & Joe eye gloss duo in Fathom is exclusive for Summer 2011.  It contains a nice shimmery beige color and a shimmery orange color.  Both contain subtle glitter particles but last pretty darn well for a cream shadow during the summer. 
I really love orange toned shades for making my eyes look quite blue, but this is a really orange, almost no copper notes present.
Here they are blended.  You might be able to see the glitter pieces if you click to enlarge.  Note though, that I do not experience any glitter fallout. 
The Ligne St. Barths aloe vera gel with mint was very nice for my vacation at the lake.  Its a nice, cooling gel.  It's not particularly moisturizing, but not drying at all.  The smell was kind of overwhelming, however.  It smelled strongly of spearmint and reminded me of a stick of gum.  Luckily, the scent did not stick around for too long. 

Here you can kind of see the texture.  I did get a bit burned while on vacation (I know, I know, I need to use more sunscreen), and used this on the burn.  I didn't experience any peeling at all. 
The Weleda body oil set was something I have been interested in for quite some time.  It contains the Arnica massage oil, sea buckthorn body oil (my favorite), birch cellulite oil, pomegranite regenerating body oil, wild rose body oil and lavender calming body oil.  I will do a full review of this soon. 

I purchased the twist band hair ties because I prefer my hair ties with out the metal claspy thing.  Plus, these were fun colors.  They stretch to be quite large and work really well when I throw my hair up in a bun.

As I mentioned above, Beautyhabit does include samples with every order.
I was quite happy with the ones I received, especially the Ligne St. Barth's coconut oil. 
Also, and this is what I was really impressed with, they included a hand written thank you note personalized with my name (unheard of in customer service anymore, or so it seems).
On another note, shipping took 2 days to get to San Diego.  I do believe the Beautyhabit store is located in LA so shipping may vary depending on where you are located, but there was no time in processing and such (coughARMANIcough). 

Overall, I loved my experience shopping at Beautyhabit and imagine I will order from them again and again.