Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clinique Black Honey Brush on Cream Liner

Today, I am bringing you Clinique's brush on cream liner in the color Black Honey.  As you may or may not have noticed, I do not have an extensive Clinique stash.  In fact, this might actually be the only item I currently own from the brand.  I find most of their products to be boring and the packaging to be blah.  This doesn't carry over for black honey cream liner. 
The packaging isn't anything unique as you can see: a clear pot, silver screw off lid.  I don't apply with the included brush, but instead use a separate, thinner brush to apply.  The formula is creamy and applies easily on the lid.  I don't have any issues getting a thin line or having it show up.  On swipe is usually good for me.  It lasts all day over shadow with primer and I haven't experienced any smudging.  This is easy to smoke out and could be used as a cream shadow or base if the mood strikes you. 

This photo shows the color in cool, natural light.  As you can see, it is a darker, plummy brown with gold shimmer.  I have been told it looks quite plummy on my but you might pull out different undertones.  This is one of the few items that I have received a compliment while wearing (which kind of makes me want to wear it every day!). 
Here is is in a warmer, still natural light.  Look how gorgeous that is!!

Overall, if I ever run out, I will repurchase.  The formula is awesome and the color is unique and gorgeous.  To top it off, it's only $15... yea, you should run out and get this right now.

Have you tried Clinique's brush on liner? What is your favorite eye liner?

I purchased this with my own dinero (money).