Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Stuff You Can't Have

Uh oh...what might be encased in this beautiful chromo Le Metier de Beaute case? It's Ecumes de Or Lip kaleidoscope of course! Ecumes de Or was a Bergdorf Goodman Exclusive kaleidoscope created by Dustin Lujan.  Bergdorf's could barely keep it in stock and I was lucky to get my hands on it thanks to a lovely friend located in New York. 

This contains 4 lip colors which range in texture from lipstick to lipgloss.  They are meant to be layered from bottom to top in the traditional Le Metier de Beaute Couches de colour technique.  However, these rules aren't set in stone and you can layer in any way you desire. 
The bottom color is a lovely raspberry color.  I need this to be made into a lip creme (PLEASE!!!).
The next color is a cool toned grape with lots of shimmer.
The next color is a gorgeous yellow gold.  I actually really like just wearing this with the top color. Its a very summery look.
The top color is a light pink which acts as a topcoat to seal it all in. 

The result of layering all the colors results in a warm nude color which wears very well.  I can get about 4 hours of wear (which is pretty good for a lip color on me).

Now, I'm fairly certain this is all sold out, but may pop up on swap sites or sales (although I will never be getting rid of mine thank you). 

Today, I am lounging around and watching Bridget Jones Diary.  I will also be getting ready for my trip to Seattle which I will be leaving for on Saturday. 

Which brings me to my question of the day:
How do you usually spend your Sundays?