Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chantecaille Gloss in Guava

So, by now you have probably noticed my obsession with Chantecaille.  As much as I love the wand glosses such as Crystalline that I reviewed yesterday, I love the potted glosses even more.  I own 2, Dragonfruit and Guave.  Dragonfruit I got off of ebay for pretty darn cheap and Guava I swapped for.  I would definitely check ebay for deals on Chantecaille as there are many to be had. 

Today, I will show you Guava. 
In the pan, it is a pretty bright pink with shimmer.  On the lips, it is still bright but sheer and no visible shimmer.  You do need a separate lip brush for this if you don't like to stick your fingers in things. 

The color on my lips in more subdued than the swatch on my arm since my lips are more pigmented than my arm is (thank goodness :P ).  Staying power isn't amazing, but it is a joy to reapply.  It is moisturizing enough that my lips actually feel better than before I applied it.  This also has an spf of 15.  I used Dragonfruit when I went to the lake for the hwole week and my lip never got burned.  It kept them very moisturized and I used it so much that I actually hit pan on it during that week.

Overall, if you are looking for something fun, I would highly recommend picking one up.  There is a wide range of colors.