Friday, October 8, 2010

Chantecaille Lip Gloss in Crystalline

Recently when I purchased future skin and the tigers in the wild palette, I received a lovely gift with purchase from Chantecaille.  It included a bunch of skincare and a lipgloss in Crystalline. 
Its really cute and tiny, an excellent size for throwing in your purse.  The mini is very reminiscent of the full size, with the mirrored cap and clear body that displays the gloss.  The applicator is a brush style, which I am not really a fan of because I find it a bit hard to control.  The texture is nice, not to thick or sticky.  Lasting powder isn't amazing, but I wasn't expecting it to be considering it is a gloss and it isn't super thick and gloopy (I'm lookin at you MAC). 
The color is lovely, a nice peachy beige bronze color with silver glitter.  This is where some people will be turned off.  Yes, those shimmer particles in there are glitter, and they can be a tad gritty.  I don't notice it too much, but I know some peoples lips are more sensitive than mine. 

Overall, I would recommend this to those who don't mind a splurge as Chantecaille glosses are going to set you back $28 for 1oz.  The color is beautiful and the texture is luxurious. 

On another note, Chantecaille has come out with a new range of lipsticks called Hydra Chic. 
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This is meant to be a fully pigmented lipstick that softens lips and provides anti aging protection.  Chantecaille claims 6 hours of wear which I cannot attest to as I haven't had a chance to play with them yet.  These come in at $30 which I believe is the same price as their lip chics.  The initial release included 4 shades: Tiger lily, Trillium, Anemone and Water Lily.  

Have you tried the new Chantecaille lipstick?  Let me know what you think.