Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Product Fails

Today, I decided to post about some products that disappointed me.  Now, I have very high expectations.  I do not like to keep a giant stash, so if I don't love it, I won't keep it. 

First up, Chanel ombres perlees palette from Spring 2010.

Really pretty right?  Yea, it's gorgeous, and when I swatched the middle purpley shade in Nordstroms, I was sold.  However, when I got it home and tried it, the colors were sooo creasy on me, even with a base.  I hate creasy eyeshadow, so, this went back. 

Next up is Lipstick Queen Medieval.  This product has a serious cult following.  Those who love it tout it as being like a sheer red balm kind of product that leaves your lips in better shape than they started.  Well hello, love that idea.  I just did a post yesterday and something that does that same thing, the lip chics. 

So I swapped for it.  Gorgeous packaging right? 
So perfect.  I'm a serious sucker for a soft red lip.
And we get to what I didn't like.  I believe I have mentioned before that I have seriously dry lips.  This product did not leave them in better shape, it actually dried them out!  This is not the usual reaction, so don't be put off.  It may still work for you, but this is just me explaining some products that I didn't personally like.

Have you had any personal product fails lately?