Friday, June 4, 2010

Armani Lip Wax #2

Some girls go crazy for blushes, some for eyeshadow, I go crazy for lip stuff.  For most of my life, I was only loyal to lipglosses, as all the lipsticks I had tried were just too drying.  As my eyes have been opened to other aspects of high end makeup, I have fallen in love with all kinds of lipsticks and similar products.

I would describe this as very similar to a lipstick.  It is in potted form, so you either have to use a lip brush or stick your finger in it.  I have done both, but I must admit that I usually use my finger as I am so lazy. 

This product is crazy pigmented.  It really only needs one swipe, but of course you can layer more.  The color is a perfect my lips but better color.  It goes on pinky nude and matte. 

I have very very dry lips which is probably the reason I was put off by lipsticks for so long.  Unfortunately, we have now reached the reason I did not like this product.  I thought it was so drying.  I almost felt like it was sucking all the moisture out of my lips.  WAA!  I really wanted to like this.  It does last very long though, if that is what you are looking for.  This makes me pretty happy that I swapped for this on MUA instead of buying it as Armani always sets you back quite a bit. 

Overall:  I would recommend this to those looking for long lasting lip products.  It would probably be best to layer a chapstick underneath.