Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorites of 2010

In the spirit of New Years Eve, I decided to post about my favorites from 2010.  I am not restricting myself to just items that were released in 2010 because, let's face it, there probably wouldn't be that much (I'm a sad college student :P ).  I will restrict myself to 10 things.

1. Chantecaille 
I have really gotten into this brand this year. I have fallen in love with the skincare line, which is probably one of the only lines that does not create the burning sensation on my skin that other skincare usually does (thank you retin A micro).  I have also discovered future skin foundation which is now my holy grail (HG).  I have started to kind of collect that palettes which are completely gorgeous.

2. Chanel Illusion D'or
This was released this year along with several other polishes and a cake eyeliner.  I love this as a layering polish.  It looks awesome over teal, pink and black. 

3. Clarisonic
I don't have a picture of this yet. (I know, I need to review my skincare routine for you guys) This has really helped my skin out alot.  I no longer get large cystic like pimples.  I use it every night with Clinique take the day off balm. 

4. Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator
I have been using this for about 3 months now.  It has helped quite a bit with the peelies I have been suffering from for quite some time.  I use it as a base coat before using colored products.

5. YSL Parisienne 
This was a gift from the darling boyfriend. Its a really nice scent. I am loving it as my fall/winter scent.

6. DDF sulfer mask
I got this from a Hautlook sale earlier in the year.  I use this every once in a while as a spot treatment at night and it works quite well.  I like to use it as an overall mask as well.  I have started using masks alot more in 2010, and I have noticed a real difference in my skin. 

7. Shu Uemura Lollishines
I have acquired 3 (I think) of these in 2010.  I have very dry lips and these are quite moisturizing.  The ones I have are quite shimmery and glittery, which I like, but I know is not everyones forte.

8. Chanel Glossimers

Ok, so I discovered these way before 2010, but they are so amazing.  They deserve to be on my favorites list every year. I did get pleasing from the Holiday 2010 collection which has become a favorite gloss.

9. Neosporin
Yes, this one is way old, but, I am adding it here not for the intended purpose. It works great to prevent scars and help heal cuts on the body (my knee is evidence of that), so I decided, hey, why don't I try using it on popped pimples. Well, whadaya know, works great there too.  I just dab some of after I have popped. (I know I shouldn't be popping pimples but I cant stand looking at a nasty whitehead).

10. Laura Mercier Eye Kohls
I have acquired almost all of the colors in the past year.  Brown copper is still my end all be all favorite, but I have a soft spot for the others as well.

I really want to thank all the readers I acquired in 2010.  My blog is just about a year old, and even though I haven't given the blog as much attention in the past couple of months as I would have liked to, I really enjoyed all of it.  I think I have really found some great products in 2010, and I look forward to seeing what 2011 has in store (I am so eying that turtle palette that Chantecaille has coming soon).