Friday, May 13, 2011

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited

The best thing about ordering Shu Uemura online (which is the only way you can get it anymore in the US) is that you get samples with each order.  Since I have placed 2 orders with Shu, I have gotten 2 smaller sized gloss unlimiteds, WN283s and PK333s.
For sample sizes, these glosses are rather generous!  The one of the left is PK333s and WN283s is on the right. These glosses are lovely, really moisturizing.  They last a while but they are a bit sticky.  WN is pretty darn pigmented mauve with gold shimmer.  PK is a more sheer pink with lots of silver shimmer shot through.
PK is on the bottom and WN is on the top.  Sorry the quality of these swatches are sub par.  Here is another one to show the shimmer.
Look at the sparkle in those! They are so fun and gorgeous! I am so sad Shu is not in the US anymore.  they really do have alot of quality products.