Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stuff You Can't Have

Chanel Luna Joues Contraste.  From some preliminary research, it seems this, ok I'll admit it, quite strange, highlighter/ blush powder was released as limited edition in Spring 2008.  I acquired it in a swap (yay), and I must say, haven't quite used it much.  I mean, it's a shimmery white powder, which usually screams "run away before you end up looking like a 90s disaster!"  However, when I have used this, it imparts a really nice ethereal glow with a barely there shimmer.  It's not at all garish or super obvious.
This is a really heavy swatch.  With a small blender brush or a fan brush, it is much less harsh.  The powder is very fine and silky, easily picked up by any kind of brush.  Would I have bought this during its initial release, no, probably now.  Am I happy I received it in a swap?  Sure, it is a nice product to have around.

Also, in conjunction with the Sunday post, I am going to include one random question in hopes of getting to know the readers better.
What is your favorite tea? 
 Mine is Sleepytime, nothing can beat this classic for me.  Although, I am quite a fan of both Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's holiday teas.  I purchase 2 tins of each when the holidays roll around.