Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beauty Confession

 Today, while I was writing out my confessions for the Friday Confessional post of Modesty Brown's blog, I got to thinking about my makeup and beauty past.  I though of many things I could have included, but decided not to make that post a ridiculously long one and just share some of my confessions here. 

I'm fairly sure I have already told you all about how I used to carry around a mini toolbox full of different flavored lip smackers when I was very young.   However, I didn't even tell you about where my love of making over others began. 

I have always been rather good at doing my own makeup, considering I was a dancer for 12 years.  I taught myself how to apply false lashes to myself by the age of 11 because of a little incident where my mother glued my eye shut before a dance competition (eyelash glue isn't that strong so I easily pulled my eye open again, it was just an uncomfortable event).  Well, I have a younger brother, 7 years younger than I am.  He always wanted to be included in the fun when I had friends over, so one day, we got a bit creative with him.  We decided to turn Andrew into Andrea. (At this point I'm hoping my brother does not read my blog because he will most certainly kill me for posting about this.. o well :)  ) 

Andrea always got a fabulous makeup job.  He was only about 4, so it wasn't too hard to turn him into a girl.  I also owned several hair pieces from dance which we would put on him.  The look would be finished off by putting him in a skirt and stuffing tennis balls in his shirt.  Then, and this is where it gets really evil, we would make him "model" while we took pictures.  Now, I know everyone is dying to see a picture here, and I must admit, they are hilarious.  However, I am saving them for his future fiance.  All I can say is, once when we got them developed, my mother asked who the little girl was, not recognizing it as her own son. 

Now that you all think I'm about the meanest sister ever, do you have any similar beauty "sins" to share? 

*My Friday Confessional will be featured on Modesty Brown on June 17, but I will be sure to let you all know when it is up.
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