Wednesday, April 7, 2010

20 Days of Tinted Moisturizers: Day 3

Erno Laszlo Tinted Treatment spf 15

First, I would like to discuss color choices.  There are 6 different choices which is pretty darn good for tinted moisturizers.  However, like the Aveda, most of the colors lay on the darker end of the spectrum.  I fall in between fair and light, which seems to be a pretty huge leap.  I got a sample of light because with TMs I would rather be a little darker than a little lighter.

It is actually darker and peachier than it appears in the picture(well so is my skin for that matter :P). 

Here it is spread around.  See, its at least a shade too dark for me.  It is really really nice and glowy. 

The texture is somewhat like a gel.  Its feels wonderful and blends nicely.  I apply it with my fingers for the most part.  I like that it has spf15.  Erno Laszlo claims that this protects from free radical and sun damage.  I can't really attest to that because I didn't use it long enough, but I do like the sound of that. 

This TM is really nice and glowy.  It really brightened up my whole complexion.  For those of you looking for a glow without shimmer, this product is definitely for you.  As for moisturizing, I actually prefer to use this without a moisturizer underneath because otherwise I think it is a bit much. 

Overall, while I have not yet decided whether this is the TM for me, I am really impressed by this and am looking to try other products from Erno Laszlos line. 

Disclaimer:  I got a sample of this from Nordstroms