Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Ramblings:It Rains in Spain...or The Bay Area

I decided to start a new thing: me rambling about whatever I want on Saturdays.  I started my blog because I needed somewhere to write and so this is where I can do it. 

The week I am back home in the Bay Area for Easter(hence the picture of my dog Halo). When I left school, it was beautiful shorts weather, 80's and wonderful.  Of course, as soon as I get home, it rains.  I am starting to think that maybe the Bay Area doesn't like me, and that it's crying every time I get back.  I even went to SF and it rained then too. Boo.

 On Thursday night, I went to see Wicked in the city with my mother.  It was a really good show and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence.  The night ended up really well minus a small experience with a creepy guy on BART.

In other news, I have officially broken out in hives.  I didn't bring back a body lotion because I figured my mother has tons.  Bad idea for someone with uber sensitive skin like me.  I broke out in said hives from Lubriderm!! And you would think Lubriderm of all lotions would be pretty gentle.  Apparently not as evidenced by the large welt looking things gracing my skin. 

I finally have my camera back (yay!!).  However, it is completely dead(not so yay).  Picture taking will resume when I get back and have a chance to charge it.  At least now it is back in my clutches and not fighting off potential disasters in my parents house(like "getting lost" which seems to happen alot here). 

I am hoping to get to the mall today as I have been dying to go shopping lately.  I have seen tons of things in the new issue of In Style that I really want to check out.  Not to mention, I want to see all the new makeup collections in person.  O and apparently I get Vogue now... I have no recollection of subscribing to it(i'm not much of a Vogue person), but it says I have a subscription until next year.  Okkk...  Has this ever happened to anyone else? 

Anyways, I hope everyones weekends are going fabulously coloring eggs and such.