Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How I Fell in Love With Body Oils, Weleda Made Me

I have dry skin, so I've never had that aversion to that though of putting an oil on that, say, my mother has.  I happily bought this set when I was getting ready to go on vacation to a lake, a trip I usually spend slathering my skin with lotion because the combination of sun and water all the time doesn't fare well with my skin. 

The set includes 6 trial sized oils:
Arnica massage oil: a warming, as the name says, massage oil.  Arnica is also thought to help with bruising.  This was one of my favorites in the pack.

Sea Buckthorn Body Oil: Another favorite, smells of citrus fruits and is supposed to be good as an after sun care

Birch Cellulite oil:  Very earthy but not too bad.  I really didn't have enough to determine if it helps with cellulite though

Pomegranate Regenerate Oil: Very fruity smelling

Wild Rose Body Oil: My least favorite, the scent was almost vegetable like.  It's supposed to smell of musky rose, but it did not get on well with my skin.

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil: Another favorite, nice relaxing lavender scent that would be good before bed. 

Like I mentioned, the bottles were trial sized.  About the size of a lip balm, maybe a bit fatter.
It contained enough for 1.5 whole body uses. 

My verdict: love!  My skin has never looked better than when I was using oils as my moisturizer.  The texture was very smooth, no bumps like I tend to get, and my skin looked plump and hydrated. 

This set was $17 and can be found at