Friday, August 26, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Fall 2011 Empress Lip Kaleidoscope

Yesterday I brought you the nail polishes for the Le Metier de Beaute Fall 2011 collection, today, I bring you the Lip Kaleidoscope (my counter hasn't received the eye one yet, so, don't worry, I will have to move on to a new brand tomorrow). 
The left most swatch is the colors layered bottom to top, the next four swatches are in order bottom to top.  Be sure to click to make this picture larger to see all the detail. 

The bottom shade is a gorgeous plummy purple with loads of shimmer.
The next shade is a pinky nude with green (yes, green) microshimmer.
The next is one of the most gorgeous reds I have seen in a while, deep and velvety.
The last is the traditional sealer color, almost clear with a tinge of pink and pretty, subtle shimmers.

As with all the lip kaleidoscopes, the texture of all of these is fabulous and rich.  They can be layered any way you would like, I have just always been told the lip kaleidoscopes are meant to be layered bottom to top (but who listens to rules anyways??).

I think this kit is absolutely perfect for fall.  If I pick up anything from the fall collection, it will probably be this (the eye kit doesn't look like it's my colors).  This retails for $95 and can be found at Neiman Marcus.