Monday, August 22, 2011

Jacquard, Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Collection

My local Neimans finally received the Armani Fall collection!  This collection consists of two eye palettes, one cheek palette, two blushing fabrics, four Rouge d'Armani's and one new color of Eyes to Kill Mascara. 

First up, the three palettes. 

The first four swatches are eye palette 2, the next four are the face palette, and the last four are the eye palette 1.

Next we have the Rouge d'Armani's and the blushing fabrics. 

The first 4 swatches are the Rouge d'Armani's: 108, 107, 406, and 525.  The blushing fabrics are scarlatto and carmel.

I'm not so sure about Carmel, but Cassie, the Armani makeup artist at Neimans, claims it's beautiful sheered out.  Since I didn't bring any of it home with me yet, I will have to take her word on it.

Last but not least.
  Eyes to Kill Excess in Night violet, so gorgeous.

As you all may or may not know, Neiman Marcus if having a beauty event in the beginning of September.  The pre-sale starts on September 6th and I was lucky enough to see the gift.
The gift includes: Regenessence Youth Regenerator Serum, Multi-corrective Regenerating cream, Eye Rejuvenating Serum, Fluid Master Primer, Luminous Silk Foundation, Fluid Sheer 2 all with a gorgeous gunmetal colored bag.  I am unsure of how much you need to purchase in order to qualify for the gift and I forgot to ask (sorry).

Of the Fall collection, I am really curious about that face palette which looks gorgeous and I imagine is amazing blended together.  I also think the Blushing Fabric in Scarlatto looks to die for.

If you want to pick up any of the items from this collection and don't have a counter near you, you can reach Cassie of Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley at 619-692-9100 x2094


  1. eye palette 2 looks beautiful! :)

  2. Thanks for swatching! I love the eye palettes, but there are two dealbreakers: 1) gitter and 2) each has at least one color I would never wear. My wallet is safe another day.

  3. @georgina It is a nice green palette!

  4. @zuzus petals I didnt notice any glitter when I swatched them but they werent very pigmented

  5. ooh looks really nice, thanks for this ;) I really love the look of the #525 lipstick, I must say I am very tempted by the #2 eye quad but wonder that it would turn out a bit frosty on me x

  6. @replica Armani is really good at doing sophisticated shimmer and I preferred the green palette to the blue one.

  7. I am so torn by these! They look soooo pretty but seem a bit frosty and the color combinations I don't think would suit darker skin. I have yet to see them in person!

  8. @productdoctor I think the green palette might look nice on you

  9. I LOOOVE Armani! I want all the palettes :). I waited forever for the summer eye palette to reach my counter, I guess I'll have to the same for this one. The collection looks great.
    We have the same blog template :)

  10. @tere Armani really is a great brand. You must have great taste picking the same template (:P)


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