Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Becca Beach Tint in Peach

I have officially joined the crowd of the clarisonic users.  My mom is in town this week and she bought me one from QVC for my birthday (which isn't until October, but I probably won't see her again until Thanksgiving).  I'm so excited :)  It is sitting in my room charging so that I can use it tonight.  I want to try it out for at least a month before I review it.  I am way overdue for a review of all my skincare, but truth is that I am still trying to clear my skin up.

Anyways, on to the review.  I have been very enamored with Becca lately.  I have had this beach tint for a while and it is such a great products.  Beach tints are for lips and cheeks and are touted as a waterproof formula.  I must admit that I have used them on my eyes before because the peach looks great with my blue/ gray eyes.

Beach tint is essentially a stain as it is quite liquid in formula.  A little squeeze often dispenses more than you would need just for your cheeks, so I end up putting it on lips and such just so I don't waste products.

I think it is pretty east to blend, I use my fingers, and looks very natural.  Peach has no shimmer and would be great for a natural look for work and with a smokey eye.

This swatch is just to show color.  I would never apply this much for cheeks.  I find the lasting power to be great.  I didn't test it swimming or anything, but I can say that it stands up well to sweat.

Overall: Awesome product.  I would love to try other colors!

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