Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chantecaille Future Skin

I am in love with the purple box.  Yes, this is probably because I am also currently obsessed with Chantecaille cosmetics which is only exaggerated by the fact that my local Chantecaille sales girl is amazing.  I have amassed a small collection now: 2 potted glosses, 1 shadow, 1 blush, foundation, and 2 palettes(one I just ordered from evilbay). 

I bought future skin during Neiman's beauty event that is still going on.  I believe it ends on the 19th.  However, I have been testing it out for a couple of weeks thanks to a generous sample from my lovely SA.  I was matched to the shade cream.  Chantecaille base products are amazing in their ability to blend right into your skin.  I prefer my foundation to have a yellow undertone to help counteract some of the redness I have in my face.  Cream matches me very well now, but I imagine I will have to get the lighter shade in just  a couple of months. 

The texture is like a gel.  You only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face.  It blends like a dream and just sinks right in to create a your skin but better kind of look.  I prefer to set it with powder just because my skin is on the oily side right now.  Those with drier skin would probably be fine without that step. 

Staying power is pretty darn good.  The coverage is light but blendable.  I find myself using less concealer because it makes everything about your skin just look better without being heavy. 

Overall: I would recommend that anyone at least try this.  I actually think it has helped improve my skin. 

On a more personal note, I finally got a job!!! I have been searching for one since May and am so relieved that the search is finally over.  For anyone who is curious,  I will be a receptionist for a veterinary clinic.  I am so excited to be working around animals again.
I will leave you with this picture of Maverick hiding under my sleeping bag.

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money.