Monday, September 6, 2010

Becca Prairie Moon Palette

Becca does excellent neutrals.  I have been dying for some new items for fall, and when I saw Becca's Prairie Moon palette (well that and the coupon code I posted about earlier), I knew I had to have it.

The palette includes 1 gloss, 3 eyeshadows and 1 liner shadow.

The gloss is called macchiato and is a carmelly nude shade.  It looks pretty dark in the shade, but it doesn't show up very dark on my lips.  It kind of is a my lips but better, very glossy shade.

The shadow next to the gloss is called voile.  It is a matte cream shade with some pink in it.  This is my favorite highlight shade I own.  It is very natural and subtley pretty.

The next shade is Nappa.  It is a medium brown shade with a lot of gray tones.  I would probably call it a matte taupe shade.  This was much more pigmented than I expected it to be.  It is really lovely as an all over wash.

The last shadow is called Chenille.  It is kind of a khaki color shot through with gold shimmer.  This is a harder shadow but still shows up pretty pigmented.  I like to use it in the crease or to smoke out my eye.

The liner shade is called Sagebrush.  It is even darker and more dense than Chenille, but is similar in color.  This color works well wet or dry.  The lasting powder is pretty decent, but we all know that I love powder liners.
This shows the palette from glow to liner.  I swatched the liner both wet and dry.

Here are the same swatches with flash.  I used flash to show the pretty shimmeryness of the liner shade.

Here are some more pretty pictures of the palette:

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money.

This product can be purchased here.  Note: this is an affiliate link.