Friday, February 19, 2010

Eyes to Kill

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This is what I think of everytime I apply Giorgio Armani's eyes to kill mascara.  I got a sample of this mascara in black with an armani friends and family order I placed last November.  When I first tried it, the heavens opened up and angels started singing.  Well, not really but it is good.  

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This mascara lengthens, it separates, it even kind of thickens! When I wear this, I get asked if i'm wearing false eyelashes.  Its that good.  The only down fall is the price, and yes, it is quite a downfall.  This baby costs a whopping $30!!!  I may pay it though.  I really really like it.  It doesnt even smudge under my eyes. 

Disclaimer:  I received a sample of this with my order from