Monday, February 1, 2010

Half Moon Mani

This is actually an old one.  I did it back in the summer when I was bored because I was off of school, didn't get the class I needed in summer school(stupid economy), and couldn't get a job(at which I repeat, stupid economy).
I decided to give this a try since they are "all the rage now".  The "moon" part is Color Club Coastal Creme.  I really love color club's polishes.  They are relatively cheap, very pigmented and really nice to apply.  I applied that color all over my nail and let it dry completely.  It is very important to let it dry completely because you use a french tip guide to make the shape and it will pull off polish if it isnt dry.  You apply a french tip guide so that the top part of the guide will be the end of the moon part of the nail.  I then applied Orly Monroe's Red.  This is a gorgeous pinky red, very retro as the name suggests.  Again, its also super pigmented and smooth to apply.  However, I do not find that this is constant with all Orlys.  Some are quite streaky.  Anyways, you let that color dry completely before removing the tip guide. That color must be completely dry and it will bleed into the other color as you can see happened to me :(
O well, I was still rather satisfied with the results as this was my first attempt at the half moon mani.

As tomorrow is groundhog day, I decided to share that I would very much like for the groundhog not to see his shadow...bring on spring!!  Do you want the groundhog to see his shadow or are you dying for spring like me? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I bought all of this with my own money..woo